Bachelor of Arts

Subject Combination for B. A. I, II, III & IV Semester


  1. English
  2. Choose any one of the following subjects Kannada, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Persian or Addl. English


Students have to choose any three optional subejcts, selecting any one subject from one group given below
Group A : Applied Statistics or Kannada or Urdu
Group B : Persian or Pol. Science
Group C : Geography or Hindi or Sociology
Group D : Economics or Education
Group E : History or Journalism
Group F : English

Subject Combination for B.A. V & VI semester


For B.A. V & VI Semester Chose anyone language as MEL from the following

 Subjects :English, Kannada, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Persian


The three optional subject chosen by the students in the previous semester the same subject will continue. There is no provision to change the optionals once chosen at I-Semester.Journalism
Group F : English

3.Additional Subjects (Compulsory) for 

  1. Semester Indian Constitution.
  2. Semester Human Rights & Environmental Studies
  3. III Semester Personality Development and Communication Skills
  4. Semester Computer Application
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